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This page is constantly updated to enable you to gain access to full articles and abstracts of various strategy papers, Journal articles, and Public Presentations on the topics of human values, innovation, strategic foresight, marketing, innovation and sustainability.  Feel free to drop by and access what you'd like

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Public Presentations: 

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Most of the Public Presentation links are now available below - enjoy the read and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have

Published Writings & Conferences

You can now access published papers and presentations via the highlighted links - more links and articles are added frequently

Journals; Magazines; Press

Journal of Future Studies: 'Wildcards - Signals from a Future near you'  ( or abstract) and the full article of 'A Drop in the Ocean for Foresight Practitioners'

Journal of Cleaner Production: 'Increasing the rate of sustainable change: a call for the redefination and concept of the model for implementation'  (Co authored with E Goncz, U Skirke & H Kleizen) (Abstract)

Futures Research Quarterly'An Hypothesis of Value Systems as Foresight Frameworks' (Full Paper)

Fast Thinking Magazine:
'How to Spot Innovation'  (Full Article)   From Fast Thinking edition Summer 05/06
'Funnel Vision & Missed Opportunities' (Full Article) from Fast Thinking edition Summer 07
'Identifying & Overcoming Barriers to Organisational Innovation' (Full Article)   From Fast Thinking edition Spring 06

'How to Catch a Stealth Bomber' (Full Article) from Fast Thinking edition Spring 07

'Employee Incentives that Work' (Full Article) from Fast Thinking edition Winter 07


'The Money Tree & How to Grow One: Creating Success in Your Business' (available at www.barberbooks.com)
'Killing Trends - the Graceful Art of Innovation'  (Due for release Feb 07)

Conference Presentations

'Committing Universities to Sustainable Development' (UNESCO - Austria, 2005) Full Powerpoint  The paper that published in conference proceedings was listed under the abstract 'Sustainability - Why Bother?'  Full Paper available

The Future of Education Conference (Swinburne University - Adelaide 2003) (Abstract of Powerpoint)

12th International Conference on Thinking (ICOT - Melbourne 2005) (Full Powerpoint)

TiE Innovation Program (Australian Innovation Festival - Melbourne 2004) (Abstract of Powerpoint)

Dimensions 2006 Sales & Marketing Industry Conference (The following PDF files are available by emailing your request)

  • 'Is your approach to Branding poisoning your business?' and
  • 'Killing Trends: The Graceful Art of Innovation'

AusForesight 2006 (Professional Futurists Conference) - 'Exploring the Future through Scenarios' and 'Which Scenario Approach is Right for You?'

AusForesight 2007 (Professional Futurists Conference) - 'From Foresight Foreplay to Corporate Consummation'.  The challenge for the Corporate world is that they want want futurists can  provide, only with much clearer and specific actionable outcomes.  The challenge for the futurist is in delivering what the Corporate world wants, whilst still stretching their client's ability to see the world more effectively.  Futurists Steve Tighe and Marcus Barber show how Futurists can make themselves more relevant to their corporate clients

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Other Writings & Media Exposure

Here you'll find assorted writings on futures related topics, miscellaneous articles not found elsewhere and snippets from views published in newspapers, online websites and work with the National Geographic Channel TV program 'Future Matters'. 

Ideas Pieces
Ideas Pieces are designed to create discussion and thinking on a particular area through suggesting alternative and additional approaches to existing challenges. The first major piece of work in this format was 'A Blueprint to Advance Australia Collectively' written in 1999. Each chapter from that work will be made available soon and some are available via the links below...

Ideas Piece - The end of Speed related Accidents  What would you say if someone suggested that speeding fines actually encouraged speeding?  Society already has the technological know how to solve the majority of speed related accidents in this country.  What is preventing our success is our social approaches to traffic management and the motorvehicle.  This ideas piece offers some suggestions as to how we might dramatically reduce speed related vehicle accidents and the cost of human lives, family pain and financial resources used to deal with the challenge.

Ideas Piece - A Potential Answer to the Health System Crisis   Why do we find it so hard to make the Public Health System and Private Health System work together?  Is it because there are so many vested interests in keeping us sick and unhealthy?  The ideas in this piece could shake up a few 'sacred cows' in the health sector!

Ideas Piece - Making Cigarette Packet Warnings Work  'Your Breath Stinks!'  'Hey did you know your gums were bleeding?'  You can't solve a short term gain using a long term message.  If cigarette packet warnings are to have any long term impact they need to target short term pain.

Ideas Piece - The Australian Presidential Raffle  The Republican movement got it all wrong.  Rather than borrow some model from overseas, we need to select our President using an Australian Icon - the good old raffle!

Ideas Piece - Accurate Product Labelling  If we are serious about protecting Australian jobs and in particular the farming community in this country, it's time that product labelling accurately reflected where the content came from and where the product was manufactured.  The Australian consumer deserves the right to choose to buy products based on their geographical origin and to do so, we need accurate product labelling 

Ideas Piece - Privatising Telstra by Demutualising  The idea of selling T3 shares in Telstra is misleading - we already own it so why are we being asked to 'buy it' again.  A much fairer idea is to GIVE the shares to every Australian based on their years as an Australian Taxpayer.  Then if they choose to keep or sell the shares, that is their choice

Ideas Piece - Advertising & Australia's Culture  Why do advertisers insist on using commericals from overseas?  Surely if these companies want us to spend our Australian dollars buying their products, the least they could do is use Australian made TV commericals?

Essay - A metaphorical look at the 20th Century and cultural approaches to sustainability and protection of the planet was pursued in this piece, orginally submitted to my Master's program.  The piece jumps forward to the 21st Century where a panel of eminent entities were discussing the history of the planet back in the 20th Century.  Looking Back at the 20th Century - a view from the future

Essay - Whilst the current water crisis is 'news' to many people, others have been warning about the challenge for a significant period of time.  In this piece put together in 2003, I drew on a vast array of leading and aware thinking from around the globe that looked at the challenge of water.  In assessing that information, two key ideas emerged - a singular currency unit called the 'Global' (the equivalent of one litre of fresh water) and the Global Currency Map (GCM) - a way to look at the different approaches and strategies a society will likely apply depending on their wealth and available water resources.  A Drop in the Ocean for Foresight Practitioners'. This file is available in PDF format upon request - email: answers@lufg.com.au

Running on the back of their highly successful 'FAQ's series, the National Geographic Channel commissioned a series to look at emerging technologies and their potential implications on our lives.  The first program went to air in May 2006 and looked at issues such as flying cars, robotics, the home of the future and smart technologies among  others with the second show pushing the boundaries of the future of Sex, Sleep and Death

'Future Matters' - TV Program from the National Geographic Channel